Windows Host - Permanent

Installing the windows host client is simple and will allow us to remotly support your computer without interaction.

Step 1

Click on the link to download the client, Depending on your browser you may have the option to Save or Run

Step 2

After running the file you may recive a User Account Control warning dialog, you will need to accept this to allow the remote support client to install

Step 3

You are about to install our customised version of Teamviewer Host , this will allow us to take control of your computer remotly, if you are happy to proceed, please press Next

Step 4

Please select personal / non-commercial use and then click Next

Step 5

Please accept the terms and then click Next

Step 6

Enter a password (we will change this later) and click Next

Step 7

Withing a few minutes the installation should complete

Step 8

Once the client has successfully installed you should see this window, Please make a note of your ID